GLOBIS and French Chamber of Commerce in Japan Collaborate to Deliver Women in Business/Leadership Program

Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo--In July 2021, GLOBIS Corporation began a collaboration with the French Chamber of Commerce in Japan to provide the Women in Business/Leadership Program. This is the first collaboration between the two entities for a women's leadership development program this year. GLOBIS is proud to lend its three decades of expertise in human resource development to train women in the global stage of business management.

The Women in Business/Leadership Program is offered to women in management positions as an eight-day training program. The aim is firstly, to discover what it takes to grow and succeed as a woman in leadership, and secondly, to determine actionable steps for the future. June Miyachi, President & CEO of Cartier Japan, is this year's program ambassador.

GLOBIS became a partner for this program in fiscal year 2021, supporting development and delivery of the training with the French Chamber of Commerce. The program will be offered in Japanese by experienced faculty from the Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University. Participants will learn about gender-specific issues and develop practical skills through case studies, theories, and frameworks. The program also includes talks and round table discussions with special guests from the multinational network of the French Chamber of Commerce. Upon completion of the program, participants will be issued a certificate of completion from GLOBIS University.

GLOBIS will continue to support this and other programs to empower women leading business on the global stage. Opportunities for disseminating management knowledge and practical skills are at the core of GLOBIS's commitment to "never stop learning."

Program outline
Title: Women in Business/Leadership Program
Period: October 19 - December 3 (8 days), 9:00am - 5:00pm on weekdays
Target group: Aspiring and current female managers
- Strengthen strategic thinking skills necessary to achieve goals and overcome challenges unique to women in leadership
- Learn how to build and reinforce credibility in the workplace
- Develop a strong sense of personal mission for career development and resilience
Location: French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan, L'Espace
Language: Japanese
Deadline: September 30, 2021


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