GLOBIS Corporation Launches Official English YouTube Channel

Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo--Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo--On September 10, 2021, GLOBIS Corporation launched an official YouTube channel in English. The channel, aptly named GLOBIS Official, will offer career advice, inspiration, and tips sourced from experts across the GLOBIS Group and beyond.


The channel will act as a portal to more comprehensive career advice and inspiration from other GLOBIS services and products, including the online learning platform GLOBIS Unlimited and the online publication GLOBIS Insights.

GLOBIS Official's inaugural YouTube series "Expert Minute" will feature specialists from various industries and backgrounds, from entrepreneurial business leaders to GLOBIS University faculty. Many speakers have extensive experience at globally renowned companies and organizations such as American Express and the World Economic Forum. The topics cover a wide range of relevant business frameworks, including marketing, mindfulness, economics, and diversity.


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Since its foundation in 1992, GLOBIS has fostered a vision to create and innovate societies by fostering management ecosystems of people, capital, and knowledge. Today, the company is involved in a range of activities, from higher education and corporate training to venture capital. GLOBIS also operates the G1 Institute and the KIBOW Foundation, both non-profit organizations to promote creativity and innovation in society. The GLOBIS MBA and corporate training programs are offered both online and in person across Japan, Shanghai, Singapore, and Thailand. GLOBIS University is the proud home of Japan's No. 1 MBA and is rapidly growing to claim this title for all of Asia.


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