GLOBIS has management principles and guidelines that encompass our raison d'etre and the values we care.



  • Contribute to society through business(For society)

    GLOBIS contributes to society by consistently creating new value through the operation of businesses which meet society’s needs.

  • Provide opportunities for
    self-fulfillment(For individuals)

    GLOBIS provides opportunities for its employees and others associated with GLOBIS to achieve self-fulfillment based on confidence in their own potential, demonstration of an entrepreneurial spirit and the promotion of mutual encouragement.

  • Realize an ideal corporate system(For stakeholders)

    As a pioneering company of the 21st century, GLOBIS consistently meets or exceeds the expectations of customers and stakeholders associated with our businesses. It is our goal to create and maintain an ideal corporate system.



  • S

    Stakeholder Satisfaction

    Improve the level of satisfaction for
    all companies and individuals involved with
    the Company, including society, customers, business partners, employees,
    creditors and shareholders

  • C


    Be consistently creative.
    Express the uniqueness of GLOBIS

  • S


    Exercise agility and responsiveness in
    business development and operations

  • H

    High Quality

    Consistently provide high-quality service

  • S

    Systematic Expansion

    Systematically promote business development
    that generates synergies



  • Self-development

    Enhance individual abilities

  • Time Management

    Fully implement time management

  • Responsibility

    Be responsible for business operations

  • Enthusiasm & Enjoyment

    Demonstrate enthusiasm and enjoy the work

  • Thoughtful Action

    Exhibit thoughtfulness and act promptly

  • Cooperation

    Cooperate with one another

  • Heartful Communication

    Communicate sincerely and with mutual respect



rather than BROAD
  1. Resource focus: Resources should be focused on specific, strategic businesses as opposed to broad general pursuits.
  2. Brand power: Our internationally acclaimed brand’s advantages should be carefully maintained.
  3. Synergies: Focus on generating synergies to build a competitive strategy and achieve consistent success.
rather than BIG
  1. Effective resource deployment: Take full advantage of outsourcing to leverage maximum impact from a relatively small workforce.
  2. Strive to be No. 1: Aim for the top in the industries in which GLOBIS competes.
  3. Pursue profitability: Continually expand profit margins and sales.

rather than MASS MARKETING
  1. Targeted marketing: Focus on specific markets rather than mass markets. Adopt a one-on-one approach, using databases to discover customer needs.
  2. Satisfy the customer: Provide high-quality services to keep the customer happy, and foster opportunities for positive word-of-mouth recognition.
rather than CLOSED
  1. An open network: Maintain an open organization while transcending the boundaries between internal and external staff. Establish a broad-based network to maximize the outstanding capabilities of external resources.
  2. An open organization: Freely exchange information, conduct open discussions and encourage participation in decision-making by as many staff members as possible.
  3. Uniqueness: Strategically hire unique personnel who create an innovative corporate culture that values creativity through diversity.
rather than FIXED
  1. A flat, networked organization through decentralization: Based on a common foundation of shared principles, vision and strategies, actively delegate authority to each division, team and individual to establish an organization where people work proactively while still maintaining consistency throughout the group.
  2. Highly adaptive organization: Develop and nurture a flexible organizational structure,personnel system and corporate culture that enable us to rapidly and effectively adapt to different growth stages and changes in the business environment, our vision and our strategy.




  • 1


    Always observe the GLOBIS WAY, GLOBIS Vision, GLOBIS Mission and GLOBIS Rules.

  • 2


    Always possess the voracity and persistence to meet goals.

  • 3


    Always think about return on investment (time, money and human network).

  • 4


    Motivate others by actively delegating roles, goals, authority and responsibility.

  • 5


    Always try to be fair by setting rules, criteria and indicators.

  • 6


    Maintain open decision-making by sharing information.

  • 7


    Create an environment where staff can enjoy working together.



1. Flexible organization
that embraces the unique talents and attributes of individuals

GLOBIS actively recruits people with unique talents and different backgrounds includingnationality, gender, religion and age to create a flexible organization where all members sparkle and shine in their own unique way. We also actively promote competent individuals to more responsible positions to establish and maintain an organizational structure and operational system where diverse people can work in collaboration without being discriminated against or harassed due to differences in personal attributes.

2. Environment
that inspires creativity and innovation through the encounter of different cultures

GLOBIS endeavors to create an environment that inspires creativity and innovation through the encounter of different cultures and that harnesses the power of diversity for business growth. We develop individuals with a cosmopolitan mindset and high ability to accept different cultures, and we promote mutual understanding and respect among all staff members to establish and maintain an environment where diverse individuals can generate new creative and innovative ideas.

3. Organizational culture
that respects the uniqueness of GLOBIS

Without blindly adhering to global standards, GLOBIS nurtures and maintains an organizational culture that respects and honors its uniqueness, by sharing the GLOBIS Way, and the way of thinking about organization, people and work among all members. Such organizational culture features: the entrepreneurial, professional spirit of each individual, speedy thinking and rapid action, knowledge sharing, courage to try different things from other companies, and participation in management by all members.