Eiji Kamada

Eiji Kamada

Chief Leadership Officer (CLO)
Managing Director, GLOBIS Corporate Education

Mr. Eiji Kamada is Managing Director of GLOBIS Corporate Education and Principal, The Next Decade Program(Chimei Shachu). Prior to assuming this position, he served as Managing Director in charge of Group human resources, General Manager of the Nagoya Office, Company President of the organizational learning business, Managing Director of the Corporate Administration Division, and Chief Leadership Officer (CLO) for GLOBIS. Additionally, as a lecturer, Mr. Kamada teaches leadership courses at the Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University, the GLOBIS Management School, and in corporate training programs. He has written Leadership through Self-discipline (Diamond Inc.).

Before joining GLOBIS in 1999, Mr. Kamada worked at the Long-Term Credit Bank of Japan (LTCB), where he was involved in corporate marketing and provided support to corporate customers in the areas of growth strategy and structural reform. He also handled business process reengineering for the Bank's System Planning Division and was responsible for hiring and skills development for the Personnel Division. At LTCB Trust Company, he supervised management as head of the Marketing Division.

Mr. Kamada graduated from Hokkaido University with a degree in economics. He has completed the CSEP (Columbia Senior Executive Program)course at Columbia Business School, US. He is a member of the Keizai Doyukai (Japan Association of Corporate Executives).