Kyoko Hayashi

Kyoko Hayashi

Director of the Corporate Administration Division for GLOBIS
Managing Director, GLOBIS

Ms. Kyoko Hayashi is head of the Corporate Administrative Division at GLOBIS. Prior to this, she was in charge of developing research and educational programs related to human resources and organization. Additionally, Ms. Hayashi lectures on a range of topics, including leadership, human resources management, diversity management, career development, and power and influence at GLOBIS University and in corporate training programs.

She is the co-author of the new edition of GLOBIS MBA Leadership (Diamond, Inc.),A primer of transformational personal affairs(ROUMUGYOUSEI Co.,Ltd.),Career Formation: What Can Be Learned from Professional Women (Nakanishiya Publishing) and a member of the following organizations: the Japan Association of Corporate Executives, the Academic Association for Organizational Science, the Japanese Association of Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and the Japanese Association of Administrative Science.

Prior to joining GLOBIS, Ms. Hayashi worked for US-based electronics manufacturer Motorola, where she was involved with semiconductors and mobile phones for the OEM market. Subsequently, she joined the Boston Consulting Group. There, as a human resources leader, she was responsible for a wide range of human resource management practices, including the recruitment of professional staff, capacity building, and the development of retention programs. She also served as a member of the Women's Initiative Committee.

A graduate of the College of Arts, Rikkyo University, Ms. Hayashi received an MBA from the Graduate School of Business Sciences at the University of Tsukuba.