Paving the Way for
Creating Change and Innovation

GLOBIS creates and innovates societies
by fostering management ecosystems of People,
Capital and Knowledge.

PEOPLE : Developing future business leaders CAPITAL : Providing venture funding with hands-on support KNOWLEDGE : Disseminating management expertise

One day in 1990, as a student sitting on the campus lawn of Harvard Business School,
Yoshito Hori drew three circles in a notebook, labeling them People, Capital, and Knowledge.
“ People” referred to developing future business leaders.
“Capital” represented providing venture funding with hands-on support.
“Knowledge” meant disseminating management expertise.

Now Chairman and CEO of GLOBIS, Mr. Hori believed that establishing
these management ecosystems would release a major infusion of human resources,
cultivate venture businesses, and maintain Japan’s dynamism. These fundamental concepts,
envisioned at that time by Mr. Hori,
now represent the core vision of GLOBIS.