GLOBIS creates and innovates societies by fostering management ecosystem of People, Capital and knowledge.

People: Human resources and organizational development

Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University

Cultivating business leaders who contribute to creative change and innovation in Japan and Asia.

  • We are a professional graduate school certified by MEXT(Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) and provide practical MBA(Master of Business Administration) programs for businesspeople.
  • Our school conducts classes at five campuses in Japan: Tokyo (English, Japanese), Osaka, Nagoya, Sendai and Fukuoka, as well as online classes (English, Japanese). We offer MBA Programs (Part-time) in English and Japanese, held on weekday evenings and weekends and require at least two years for completion. We also offer an MBA Program (Full-time) in English which requires one year for completion.
  • This year we celebrate our tenth anniversary. As Japan's largest business school, our new enrollment in April 2016 reached 769 students, with a total enrollment of more than 1,800 students. More than 2,000 people have completed our MBA programs and now perform in a wide range of industries as visionary leaders who create and innovate societies.
  • Our classes are discussion-based and use case studies. The curriculum thoroughly trains students in critical thinking, communication, and the ability to motivate others. Furthermore, the curriculum enables students to explore their values as a means to develop their own kokorozashi (personal mission).
  • Classes are taught by business leaders at the forefront of their fields and who possess structured management knowledge, vast business experience, and excellent class facilitation. In 2016, GLOBIS started offering a Technovate MBA® program which develops next-generation business leaders who understand cutting-edge technology in order to facilitate new innovation.
  • Our programs have maximum flexibility, including the GLOBIS Pre-MBA Program--which gives students the chance to take MBA courses before officially enrolling in our programs--long-term enrollment, substitute classes, campus transfers, and quality assurance. Students can also use the Training and Education Benefits System operated by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

GLOBIS Executive School

Programs specifically designed to develop top managers and executives.

  • We offer on-campus programs for intensive study of management skills and management philosophies. Programs are tailored depending on the position and career of managers.
  • Our school holds courses (3 months) in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Fukuoka. These courses are taken by more than 1,800 students every year. Top management candidates from a variety of industries attend classes, creating the perfect environment for acquiring new perspectives and forming new relationships.
  • We provide a full lineup of programs tailored for objectives and participants. Examples include the Executive Management Program (division managers and higher), Middle Management Program (section managers and higher), Leadership Development Program (sections managers and assistant section managers), and Female Leader Development Program (female managers and managerial candidates).
  • Substitute classes are available.

GLOBIS Management School

A wide selection of curricula covering fundamental business skills and their practical application.

  • This business school allows businesspeople to select their own learning objectives, starting with single-course options (3months) (non-degree credits).
  • Classes are held on weekday evenings and weekends at the Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya campuses, as well as online (corporate clients only). In January 2016, classes also became available in Singapore and Thailand. More than 100,000 people have taken our classes, and we boast new enrollments of about 8,500 students annually.
  • We offer a total of fourteen courses in the fields of human resources management, business strategy, and finance, as well as business analysis, which covers fundamental business skills such as critical thinking.
  • Our school provides on-campus programs that meet the human resource development needs of corporate clients. These programs enable students to acquire new perspectives and create new relationships through interaction and discussion with other students from a wide range of industries and occupations.
  • Substitute classes and quality assurance are available.

GLOBIS Corporate Education

Supporting corporate clients facing management challenges in Japan and abroad by providing solutions from the perspective of human resource and organizational development.

  • GLOBIS Corporation caters to the diverse needs of Japanese and foreign-affiliated corporations, offering a variety of learning opportunities for business leader development, including group training, online-training, English-language training, campus courses, e-learning, GMAP (assessment and tests), and more.
  • In addition to Japan, we provide programs in China, Singapore, and Thailand. Our program design incorporates the latest managerial expertise and training methods collected from our vast consulting experience in Japan, China, and ASEAN. GLOBIS Corporation provides solutions services to more than 1,200 companies and 80,000 individuals each year.
  • Our lecturers are business leaders at the forefront of their fields who also teach classes at GLOBIS University. They promote the practical application of learning through their vast business experience, structured management knowledge, and excellent class design and facilitation.
  • Major and popular courses in the MBA program of GLOBIS University are also provided. These include courses on critical thinking, management strategy, marketing, accounting, finance, leadership development, and human resources development.
  • Programs can be designed according to their purpose. Some examples include developing administrative personnel, key management, next-generation leaders, global leaders, and female leaders, as well as fostering proposal-based sales abilities and new-business development abilities.
  • Programs can be provided in multiple languages including Japanese, English, and Chinese. They are flexible according to individual needs, with customized training from as short as one day to medium- and long-term programs of several months to a year.

Capital:Providing venture funding with hands-on support

GLOBIS Capital Partners

A partner to entrepreneurs supporting the creation of global venture corporations.

  • We offer hands-on venture capital with comprehensive support for organizational capabilities (people), growth funds (capital) and management expertise (knowledge).
  • Since our establishment in 1996, we have invested approximately 66 billion yen in funds in 130 companies. Investment fields are focused on IT, and include other fields such as media, services, and technology. Investment timing ranges from the time of founding until immediately before IPO. We also support carve-outs and MBOs.
  • People : Supporting organizational design that enhances management capabilities and personnel growth, and locating and hiring key personnel.
    Capital : From initial investments and the arrangement of follow-on fundraising to the preparation and execution support for an IPO/M&A event.
    Knowledge : Provision of management knowledge to support business growth, such as formulation of corporate vision and strategy, adoption of management systems, and advisory with industry-specific expert knowledge.

Knowledge: Disseminating management expertise

Print and Digital Publications

Actively disseminating business publications by drawing upon management expertise gained through human resources development.

  • Our publications comprehensively cover classic and modern management theory ranging from management strategy and marketing to finance, accounting, human resources and leadership. Publications draw upon frequently-occurring business situations and are designed to enable practical learning.
  • The GLOBIS MBA series (published by Diamond Inc.), first released in 1995, has grown to encompass eighteen volumes and has sold approximately 1.5 million copies. Many businesspeople view it as the standard text for practical business administration. GLOBIS has sold more than 2.5 million copies of more than 100 books. We offer a rich lineup of publications including the GLOBIS’ MBA Experience series (Diamond Inc.) and the GLOBIS MBA Intensive Lectures series (PHP Institute, Inc.). In 2014, we launched an e-book publications business.

GLOBIS Insights

Carefully selected videos and articles for developing skills in business management and leadership.

  • We offer videos and articles regarding management and leadership knowledge developed by GLOBIS University, GLOBIS Corporate Education, and our venture capital business.
  • Information is provided through three gateways: watch, read, and learn. "Watch" and "read" include special videos, articles, columns, events, and MBA lectures. G1 sessions and the latest Technovate information are also disclosed free of charge. "Learn" provides access to columns and seminars by GLOBIS CEO and Chairman Yoshito Hori, as well as to GLOBIS services.
  • An easy-to-use smartphone application is available. The application offers a unique menu which enables users to listen to summaries of famous sayings by leaders, and provides advanced distribution of popular content.
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